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Whereupon I almost meet Steven Brust


I find life full of odd coincidences. It's starting to make me convinced of, well, something. Don't ask me what though. Haven't gotten to figuring that out yet. But I do have weird coincidences and the sheer addupability of such things has to imply some sort of weighted correlation. When I figure out what it is all implying I suppose some sort of action will be necessary, but I haven't arrived at a conclusion about the coincidences. 

Take for example - yesterday I was in Union Square to meet a friend who ultimately cancelled our meeting at the last second leaving me nothing to do but wander about. And, right now, there is a death metal band touring Eastern Europe reading Steven Brust novels. 

See. Weird, right?

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I build bespoke websites. I am the father of two incredible daughters. I play rock guitar. I love martial arts - especially Capoeira. I love jazz, blues and heavy metal. I read inordinate amounts of politics, history, philosophy and science fiction. I plan on writing at least one novel before the flame goes out. I occasionally wear red shoes with articulated toes to the horror of my family.


The Sword

Quite possibly the finest metal album of 1983 slipped through a wormhole in space and landed in 2010. It's the first perfect metal disc since Metallica's "Master of Puppets" or Slayer's "Reign in Blood". Seriously it's that good.


Empire of the Summer Moon

A stunning read about the Indian Wars in America, and how the most fearsome tribe, the Commanches, held off the might of Western Civilization for a number of generations. 

I am making…

I am currently working on a website for a client with an architectural firm. It's been a long slog, but it's soon to launch. If you're interested in web design work please visit my company site elemntl web design.



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